John David O'Shaughnessy artist working in Maine contemporary art


Ocean Landscape Painting

About the artist


Oil on Canvas plein air

John David O’Shaughnessy was born in New Brunswick New Jersey. He studied Painting at Massachusetts College of Art with Rob Moore, Jeremy Foss, Dan Kelleher and George Nick where he received his Batchelor degree in Fine art in Painting. He has developed his eye over the years through work in fabric design, window display and product design. His paintings are known for carrying an intensity of movement that are held in bold gesture, saturated, improvisational color, and an unrelenting pursuit of fugitive light. 


Oil on Canvas

 The ever changing motion of water is primal and visceral to the human experience. This ocean oil painting is in direct response to nature, time, place, memory, light phenomena, color, shape, texture and form within the singularity of two dimensional form. They are painted on location, the artist is inspired by the changing environment of water, tide, sky and light experienced through the senses. I strive to achieve a relationship between the physicality of paint and the consist change and of the coastal experience.

It is my hope these paintings are experienced on a level deeper than appearances, alluding to the unattainable and unnamable, beyond self while establishing a sense of place and time as contemporary art. 


Oil on Canvas plein air

Recent years concentrate John works into an intuitive translation of nature pulled fresh from the ocean, skies, lakes, or mountainsides. He can often be found painting seascapes directly from life in all shifts of weather along the coast of Maine, or on the edges of hidden coves along the New England coast. He was inspired by his study in Stonington Maine for two summers in recent years with the late Jon Imber, breaking into a new phase of language in his paintings. John teaches drawing, painting and printmaking at the Currier Museum of Art along with other venues. He shows his paintings in galleries throughout Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. He is a member of Ogunquit Art Association in Maine.